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The Inner Man Vol. 2: The Vocals

by Shade Lawrence Jenifer

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This is the 2nd glimpse into the things that go on in Shade's heart and mind, communicated mainly through vocals, with some instrumentals sprinkled here and there.

Full Track Listing:

01. Change Begins Within 1:30
02. God Sees 4:32
03. After A Long Day (remix) 3:38
04. Close The Door (remix feat. DA) 5:50
05. The Highest Praise 8:07
06. Pop Quiz 2:46
07. Solacetude 4:38
08. Questions 6:18
09. Badiyahweh 6:24
10. Sincerity 5:46
11. Wannabe Vin (reprise) 0:35
12. Mercy 3:04
13. Even When U Make Mistakes 3:53
14. The Driver's Seat (feat. NeShea) 2:52
15. SALuTe 1:40
16. Detour 2:40
17. DREAM 4:57
18 Change Begins Within (reprise) 1:47

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released February 4, 2014



To my Father, GOD, for helping me get through this. I've done all I can do. It's in Your hands now.

To my highly gifted + beautiful wife, NeShea, and our children: Natione, Shade Jr., Robert and Donovan. This project would not be what it is without you.

To my dad, the late Theodore P. Jenifer, and my mom, Gwendolyn H. Jenifer, I dedicate this to you.

To my brothers, Theodore and Jason (3DL for LIFE), I hope we're up next, or least very soon. To my sister, Megan, I adore you.

To my family and friends for believing in me.

To my friend 4ever DA for your outstanding contributions to this effort.

To my musical inspirations, especially TAKE 6, B.Slade (creativity + work ethic), Aaron Lindsey, "Asaph" Ward, Warryn Campbell, Shaun Martin, Commissioned, Fred Hammond, John P. Kee, J.Moss, PDA, Jonathan Nelson, Jason Nelson, Kim Burrell, etc...I would not be the musician I am today without your influence.

To all the producers whose knowledge has helped me get this far, particularly Graham Cochrane (The Recording Revolution), Daniel Wyatt (Dubspot), Justin (Winksound), Dave Pensado (Pensado's Place), Antonio Dixon, Rob Ulsh, Darin Pinkney and Anthony Tyson, I can't thank you enough! I will pay it forward.

l + r | sh


All production, writing, music, vocals, recording, mixing and mastering (except where noted) by Shade Lawrence Jenifer for Inner Man Omnimedia

"SALuTe" excerpted from Vera Okoro's "Make Your Way", music by
Shade Lawrence Jenifer, used with permission

"The Driver's Seat" spoken word written by NeShea Jenifer

Saxophpone on "Close The Door" recorded at the Wave Cave Studio, Ft. Washington, MD, Engineer: Jude Foster

All Saxophone performances by Danny "DA" Alford

Additional vocals on "Even When U Make Mistakes" by Natione Jenifer, Shade L. Jenifer, Jr., Robert Jenifer, Donovan Jenifer and Nick Tillman

All music (c) 2009-2013 by Shade Lawrence Jenifer
All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Change Begins Within
Ain't nothin' gonna ever change
Till you make that change (3x)
Your situation will remain
As long as you remain the same
If you wanna see a change
You gotta start within
Track Name: Even When U Make Mistakes
Some of you don't even know
that I am your God, your Father who is
concerned with every place you go
whether it be high or low
I know every twist and turn
where you're gonna cruise and where you'll swerve and
where you're gonna slam your brakes
So even when you make mistakes

I love you (8x)

Child of Mine you have a choice
That is how I made you, I won't force you
to listen and obey My voice
but drama makes a lot of noise (yes it does)
But I will stay in hot pursuit
sending you My soul until I win you
no matter how long it takes
Even when you make mistakes

I love you
I love you (sing it)
I love you (yes I do) I love you
My child, I love you
And there's absolutely, absolutely
Absolutely nothing you can do about it

Absolutely nothing you can do about it
Absolutely nothing you can do to change it
Absolutely nothing you can do to change My mind about you
Absolutely nothing you can do to change My heart toward you
Absolutely nothing you can do to change My stance toward you
Your lying won't change My mind
Your cheating won't change My mind
Repeat offenses won't change Me
Your religion won't even change Me
Yeah I said it (2x)
I might let you go the way of the prodigal
But you're still Mine, and what's Mine is yours
Some of you are saying how can that be
That's real love (real love) and real father's love (real love)
And that's what makes me God

Sing it children
Absolutely nothing you can do (about it)
Absolutely nothing you can do (receive My love)
Absolutely nothing you can do
Track Name: Detour
This is dedicated to all my brothers and sisters
kind of lost on the road of life
Thought you had it down, knew what you knew
Goin' left but LIFE made you turn right
Your convictions are chunky but only part of the cookie
There's a whole lot more to bite
Thought you'd make it by day
Now you need high beams cuz you're stuck in the thick of the night
But it's alright cuz it's

Just a detour
You're still on your way to the place God wants you to be
Just a detour
You're still on your way to your destiny

I'm not sayin' God designed it or is in any way behind it
I just trust that he knows all things
The windy roads of your decisions, wrong turns and near collisions
get no derision from Daddy, he just brings
a solution to the problem if you listen
Why don't you pull over for a bit
And don't you worry 'bout them schedules or them delays they call devils
You gon' get there when you need to. This is

Just a detour
You're still on your way to the place God wants you to be
Just a detour
You're still on your way to your destiny

Now I don't have all the answers if any
Where your detour's gonna lead or if the end is in sight
But I believe God loves you way too much to misguide you
Trust his love and he'll make sure that you arrive

He knows where you'll be happy and how to get you there
You're on your way